.:. ICG E-Learning System

Modern Professional Training System developed by ICG with its own software. It adjusts to your schedule requirements, it only requires internet access. You can take the course where you need it. Enrollees receive a personal password to access our Virtual Classroom.

The virtual classroom shows Video, Audio, Slides, Interactive Menus and files.

.:. Virtual Classroom System Requirements

To access the use of the system, it only requires a PC with a basic internet connection. The hardware required (PC, Personal computer) does not need to be of great capacity.

After registering, we send you a one-page installation help and basic advice, since the system is very friendly and easy to use.


Features of the ICG E-Learning System

  • The ICG System is friendly, educational, easy to use and is available via the Internet using up-to-date browsers.
  • It works for PC, Laptop (Windows and Mac) and Mobile Web Systems for Cell Phones and Tablet (Android and iOS).
  • The system is flexible, it lasts from 4 to 21 days, with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Activation and Course Development

  • Make your registration via Bank and then register in the ICG Store.
  • You can Activate the start of the course after validating the payment of your purchase.
  • The activation and development of virtual courses have a maximum term of 6 months.
  • The material depends on each course.
  • Once the course has been completed (Classes, Assessments and Documentation submission), the certificate will be issued, and it will be considered completed.
  • Finally, the certificate is issued and sent to your email.

    .:. Frequent Questions

    When do the Courses start?
    The course STARTS after you enroll (with payment and data registration), you could start the same day or the next day.
    How long are the Courses?
    The system is flexible, you can speed up the duration depending on your availability. On the other hand, you can also repeat classes that you consider necessary as a review of the course and advance as you consider that the concepts are clear.

    In the event that due to work or other reasons, more time is required to complete the course, the system is flexible and the required adaptation of time will be made. Also for the case that you want to advance faster the development of the course.
    Can I Download the Videos of the Virtual Classroom?
    The ICG Distance Training System is software developed at ICG, which uses Video, Audio, Presentations (PPT), Consultation Systems, Evaluation, etc., so the video cannot be downloaded.
    When do I receive the Course Material?
    If you make your registration in our Web Store, WhatsApp, Social Networks or by phone, we deliver the Material according to the availability of the agency or courier, prior coordination.

    We will notify you, by email, of the shipment of your Material.
    When do I receive my Course Certificate?
    Your certificate is only sent in digital format to your email after you finish your course and complete the requirements for your certification.