The Institute of Construction and Management ICG, is pleased to invite professionals and students to participate in the Distance Learning Course “Analysis and Design of Structures with SAP2000 v.21”, a valuable and indispensable course for the Professional Practice.
The course is developed with the following software SAP2000 version 21.
Course of 24 hours of classes.
Teaching hours include homework, evaluations, class review, etc. as appropriate to the course.
Course 100% in Spanish.


  • SAP2000 Program Environment

  • Application 1.
    Analysis of a Flat Structure with Different Types of Loads.

  • Application 2.
    Structural Analysis of Flat Gantry.

  • Application 3.
    Analysis and Design of Portico and Reinforced Concrete Wall.

  • Application 4.
    Analysis and Design of a Reticulated Beam.

  • Application 5.
    Dynamic Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Building.

  • Application 6.
    Time-History Analysis of a Three-Dimensional Gantry Type Building with Dissipators.

  • Application 7.
    Section Designer utility.

  • Application 8.
    Spatial Reticulated Coverage.

  • Application 9.
    Analysis of a Double Curvature Laminar Structure.



Ing. César Alvarado C.
Civil Engineer UNI. Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering UNI.
Professor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the National University of Engineering and Professor of the Course of Structural Analysis with SAP2000 dictated by ICG.
Currently works in the Management Unit of Studies of PROVIAS Nacional of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.



Investment General Corporate Member ICG
General US$ 150 US$ 140 US$ 130
Students US$ 130 US$ 120 US$ 110