The Institute of Construction and Management ICG, is pleased to invite professionals and students to participate in the Workshop Course “Programación de Obras con MSProject 2016”, a valuable and indispensable course for the professional practice, very complete and 100% applicable.
The course is developed with the MSProject 2016.
Course of 24 hours of classes.
Teaching hours include homework, evaluations, class review, etc. as appropriate to the course.
Course 100% in Spanish.


  • The MSProject 2016 and its Work Environment
    – MSProject 2016 Overview
    – The Menu Bars
    – The Gantt Chart View
    – Review of the Ribbon Options
    – Planning a Work
    – Project Planning, Scheduling and Control
    – Construction Scheduling Methods
    – Project and Project Characteristics
    – Operations and Projects
    – Tasks
    – Task Modes
    – Task Types
    – Task Durations

  • Tools for Construction Scheduling
    – Dependency between Tasks
    – Delimitations between Tasks
    – The Gantt Chart
    – The Critical Path and Task Gaps
    – The Network Diagram and Network of Precedences
    – The Resources
    – The Resource Sheet
    – Resource Charts
    – Types of Reports

  • Application to a Building Project
    – Building Project Description
    – Budget and Price Analysis
    – Setting up the Project Labor Calendar
    Exercise 1: Setting up the Labor Calendar
    – Entering the Project Resource List
    Exercise 2: Entering the Resource List
    – Estimate Durations
    Exercise 3: Enter Durations
    Exercise 4: Enter Resources
    Exercise 5: Resource Entry
    – Precedence Network
    Exercise 6: Performing Task Dependencies
    Exercise 7: The Project Critical Path
    Exercise 8: Summary Tasks
    – Reporting
    Exercise 9: Reports

  • Application to a Road Project
    – Road Project Description
    – Budget and Price Analysis
    – Project Work Schedule Setup
    Exercise 1: Configuring the Project
    Exercise 2: Configuring the Project Schedule
    – Entering the Project Resource List
    Exercise 3: Entering the Resource List
    – Estimating Task Durations and Number of Crews
    Exercise 4: Enter Durations
    Exercise 5: Entering Resources
    – Precedence Network
    Exercise 6: Performing Task Dependencies
    – The Project Critical Path
    Exercise 7: Adjusting the Critical Path
    – Resources Chart
    – Work Progress Schedule
    Exercise 8: Valued Work Progress Schedule
    – S-Curve from Project Data
    Exercise 9: Reporting



Ing. Guillermo Huerta A.
He has worked in the main construction companies in the area as Project Manager, Works Resident and Head of Civil Works. He is a Civil Engineer UNI, has an MBA from ESAN University, a diploma in Project Management also from ESAN University and is PMP by the Project Management Institute (USA).

In the area of buildings, he has been resident engineer of important real estate projects such as “El Edifico Las Poncianas” and “El Edificio El Historiador” both in San Isidro with more than 10,000 m of roofed area each. In the area of road infrastructure and highways, he has been manager of projects in several highways in the coast, highlands and mountains.


Investment General Corporate Member ICG
General US$ 150 US$ 140 US$ 130
Students US$ 130 US$ 120 US$ 110