The Instituto de la Construcción y Gerencia ICG, is pleased to invite professionals and students to participate in the Specialized Course “Design and Construction of Asphalt Pavements”, a valuable and indispensable course for the Professional Practice.
Course of 24 hours of classes.
Teaching hours include homework, evaluations, class review, etc. as appropriate to the course.
Course 100% in Spanish.


    1. Introduction
    – History of pavements
    – Structure that makes up the road
    – Structure of a pavement
    2. Asphalt Mix
    – Use of asphalt mixtures in road construction
    – Functionality
    – Properties of asphalt mixtures
    – Properties for wearing courses
    – Properties of asphalt mixes for wearing courses
    3. Types of Asphalt Mixes
    – Modified asphalt mixes
    – Drainage mixes
    – High modulus asphalt mixes
    – Warm asphalt mixes
    4. Types of Pavement Failures
    – Types of pavement failure
    – Types of Tests
    5. Asphalt Mix Design in Peru
    – Theoretical design or characterization of asphalt mixtures
    – Design of asphalt mixtures by the Marshall Method
    6. Emulsions
    – Asphalt Emulsions
    – Asphalt emulsions
    – Manufacture of asphalt emulsions
    – Classification of asphalt emulsions
    – Asphalt emulsion quality
    – Modified asphalt emulsions
    – Other emulsion functions
    7. Quality Control in the Production, Laying and Construction of Asphalt Pavements
    – What is quality control?
    – QA Objectives
    – QA – Quality Assurance. Mix design protocol
    – Start of placement / Bonding or priming irrigation
    – Laying of asphalt binder
    – Compaction



Dra. Ing. Lucía Sáez Alván
Civil Engineer UNI. Civil Engineer. PhD in Civil Engineering and Master in Transportation Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo – Brazil. She worked at the MTC as a specialist in Soils and Pavements and Construction and Quality Control of Pavements. Within her professional work she has been Technical Advisor of Asphalts, External Advisor of Repsol YPF-Asphalts, Infrastructure Manager of CORPAC and Head of the Quality Control Area of the company CONCAR S.A. She works as a Consultant specialized in Pavements.


Investment General Corporate Member ICG
General US$ 150 US$ 140 US$ 130
Students US$ 130 US$ 120 US$ 110