Voting for President of iSMARTi 2024-2027

Dr. Carlos Chang’s Candidature for iSMARTi President 2024-2027

Dr. Carlos Chang has been nominated to serve as the next President of iSMARTi 2024-2027”. We are sharing Dr. Chang’s Vision Statement with his proposal for iSMARTi and brief resume.

See work proposal and resume: Download here

ICG wishes Dr. Chang success with his proposal that counts on with our support and hopes that iSMARTi continues growing every year.

If you attended the 5-ICTI-2022 (5th International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure) you are considered an iSMARTi member at no additional cost.

You can express your support for Dr. Chang’s nomination and vote following these instructions.

To vote: (Deadline Date: January 27, 2024)
Send an e-mail to:

Subject: Voting for President of iSMARTi 2024-2027
1. Candidate’s name that you vote for:
2. Your name: …
3. Address of your affiliation: 5-ICTI-2022
4. Explain why you are voting for this candidate: …