Universidad Ricardo Palma

Universidad Ricardo Palma


Ricardo Palma is a social institution that represents society, it is its conscience, its soul and its lighthouse. And at the same time it is his moral and intellectual reserve. It is a leading institution in that in difficult circumstances it must illuminate the path of knowledge. We strive for this University to survive the times and remain flexible, adaptable to the changes that are going to occur in society. That is your future.

We have completed half a century of pedagogical work, in the most organic sense of the term. We promote the interdisciplinary spirit, humanism and personal fulfillment as elements that are impossible to separate. Likewise, it is satisfactory to corroborate that new generations distinguish us with their vote of confidence, choosing one of our eight faculties as a guarantee of excellence: Architecture, Biological Sciences, Economic and business Sciences, Law and political science, Humanities and Modern Languages, Engineering, Human medicine, Psychology.

In addition to this, we are licensed by the National Superintendency of Education (Sunedu), an unequivocal sign of our perseverance and validity.
Web: www.urp.edu.pe

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