Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo – Edgar Morin – IPCEM

Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo
Edgar Morin – IPCEM


The Peruvian Institute of Complex Thought – Edgar Morin / IPCEM, is created at the Ricardo Palma University with the purpose of contributing to a greater dissemination and development of complex thought and issues related to complexity in Peru. The French philosopher Edgar Morin is its Honorary President. The Institute bears his name in tribute to his work and his commitment to the reform of contemporary thought for the construction of a fairer and more supportive humanity. The IPCEM is sponsored by the French Embassy in Peru and by the Association pour la Pensée Complexe, based in Paris.

The IPCEM has, among its objectives: to build a democratic space, which integrates citizens, universities, companies and other institutions committed to the socialization and investigation of complex thought, to contribute to planning development in a non-fragmented or reductionist manner and to promote a framework strategy that articulates the different areas of knowledge and solidarity efforts in the search for solutions to the serious problems of poverty, education, violence, unemployment, among others, that affect the country and the world.

It is of vital importance, for the IPCEM, to train experts in complex issues and, from this approach, to promote research related to democratic government and state policies, the environment, science and technology, recovery of ancestral knowledge, economy, health and education, among others, as well as strategies to bring them closer to society.

Since education is the strategic factor for social transformation, a critical review of the educational system in general is necessary, from the complexity approach, the inter, multi and transdisciplinary construction of knowledge and the orientation of the professions towards human, local development. and overall.

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