Expo Vial – Sponsors

The companies of the “EXPOVIAL 2022” are invited to participate, to make technological presentations and provide information to the attendees about the advances in their products and services. Companies and institutions will have direct contact, during the days of the event, with the most representative and important group in the sector: contractors, builders, teachers, researchers, businessmen, managers, executives, engineers, architects, public authorities, congress attendees and the public in general.


Registration open: Reservations and registrations are being made to:



1. Sponsor Category

1.1. Titanium
1.2. Platinum
1.3. Gold
1.4. Silver
1.5. Bronze
1.6. Copper


2. Exhibition / Expo Vial 2022

2.1. Booth 3.0 x 2.0 m2
2.2. Booth 6.0 x 2.0 m2
2.3. Business Conference


3. Individual Sponsorships

3.1. Exclusive Sponsor of
3.2. Advertisement in Official Program
3.3. Advertisement in Digital Media
3.4. Accessories for Participants
3.5. Attention to Participants

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