It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that the Instituto de la Construcción y Gerencia (ICG) publishes the new version of the book “Ingeniería de Pavimentos”, which presents an organized and updated selection of valuable topics for professionals who develop their professional activity in Pavement Engineering.

In this new version there have been important improvements, more content and new applications; therefore we have seen it convenient to publish it in three volumes; volume 1 called “Materials” (fifth edition); volume 2 called “Design Variables” (first edition) and volume 3 called “Pavement Design” (second edition).
Book 100% in Spanish.


Ing. J. Rafael Menéndez Acurio, Ph.D., P.E.


1. Stabilization and recycling
1.1 Selection of alternatives
1.2 Mechanical stabilization
1.3 Stabilization by combination of soils
1.4 Stabilization by Soil substitution
1.5 Soil stabilization with lime
1.6 Soil Stabilization with cement
1.7 Soil stabilization with asphalt
1.8 Soil Stabilization with Sodium Chloride
1.9 Stabilization with calcium chloride
1.10 Stabilization with magnesium chloride
1.11 Stabilization with geosynthetics
1.12 Asphalt pavement recycling
1.13 Recycling of rigid pavements
1.14 References

2. Environmental effects on pavements
2.1 Climatic conditions in Peru
2.2 Water in pavements
2.3 Pavement temperature
2.4 Effects of thermal gradient on design
2.5 References

3. Drainage in pavement
3.1 Water sources
3.2 Effects of Water Presence
3.3 Road underdrainage systems
3.4 Underdrainage materials
3.5 Underdrainage Design Procedure
3.6 Drainage coefficients AASHTTO method 93
3.7 AASHTO mechanistic design guide
3.8 References

4. Traffic
4.1 Definitions
4.2 Types of vehicles
4.3 Factors for traffic calculation
4.4 Design traffic
4.5 References

– Conversion factors
– International system of units
– Roman numerals
– ASTM abbreviations and symbols
– International System Prefixes
– Nomenclature
– Abbreviations
– Websites of interest
– Glossary of terms



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