Local Committee


Teresa Salinas Gamero, Mg.
Peruvian Institute of Complex Thought Edgar Morin URP


Executive Director and founder of the Peruvian Institute of Complex Thought Edgar Morin – IPCEM of the Ricardo Palma University and Executive Director of the Regional Center of Competences on Education for Sustainable Development, RCE Lima-Callao, a center certified by the United Nations University. She has been a professor at the Postgraduate Program of the Universidad Nacional San Antonio de Abad del Cusco (2004-2006).
Lecturer at the Forum and workshops on Science, Technology and Society of the Andrés Bello Convention and the OAS in the countries of Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela (2002-2006), Member of the UNESCO Chair in Science Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, lecturer at the UNESCO Forums on Science Education and the Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean OREAL, in the countries of Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay (2003-2007), Visiting Professor at the University of Alcalá de Henares, (2004), Postgraduate Course at the National University of Distance Education – UNED Madrid, 2001, scholarship holder of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation – AECI, Postgraduate Course at the Center for Improvement of Higher Education at the University of Havana – Cuba, 1994. She has been Head of the Office of Updating and Strengthening of Science of the National Council of Science and Technology, Director – Founder of the Program of Popularization of Science, Technology and Innovation of Peru, Director of the EDUCIEN-SUR URP Program associated to the RED-POP of UNESCO, Director and Founder of the Network of Journalists and Scientific Disseminators of Peru – CONCYTEC and President of the National Commission of Popularization of Science and Technology 2003-2006 of CONCYTEC. She has conducted several researches in the areas of Education in Science, Technology and Society, complex thinking and transdisciplinarity. He has published several articles on the subject. Likewise, he has organized several international forums and congresses on complex thinking and complexity science, education, etc.