International Organizing Committee


Sui G Tan, PE.
Metropolitan Transportation Commission


Over 25 years of experience as a civil engineer and program manager in the area of transportation engineering specializing in asset/pavement management for streets, highways and bridges. I have in volved in the implementation of many pavement management systems (PMS) using StreetSaver® for cities and counties in US. My work includes collecting field data, performing condition surveys,managing data quality, performing analyses, preparing reports, and presenting results to decision makers.
I also organize StreetSaveruser conferences and lecture on PMS at universities. I have also instituted the first Rater and Vendor Certification Programs in the country where pavement distress raters and vendors can be certified by MTC based on ASTM D6433 standard.
As the StreetSaver program manager, I develop, sell and support the most popular pavement management software on the US WestCoast. I oversee the software development team and collaborate with academia in research and development. I lead and manage StreetSaver products and services from the inception to the phase-out in order to maximize business value. I work closely with customer, marketing, sales, engineering, finance, quality,and installation to make StreetSaver the leading software in public domain.
Specialties: Pavement Management, Integration of pavement preservation into pavement management system, Pavement DistressRater Certification.