International Organizing Committee


Wilfredo Gutiérrez Lazares, M.SC. Eng.
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería


Civil Engineer and Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering from National University of Engineering (Lima, Peru). PhD Candidate in Administrative Sciences from San Marcos National University. Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering UNI (2013-2015) and (2021 to 2025); Head of the Academic Department and 17 years as Head of the Soil and Pavement Mechanics Laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering UNI; 11 years in the former Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Peruvian counterpart in the Geotechnical Laboratory of the Japanese Peruvian Research Center (1987); and 34 years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the specialty of Road Geotechnical Engineering.
General Manager of GHAMA Ingeniería S.A. and co-founder of the Infrastructure Research Institute.