On behalf of the Construction and Management Institute (ICG), it is a pleasure to announce the publication in Spanish, in August 2022, of the book “Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide. A Manual of Practice, 3rd Edition with 2021 Supplement”(MEPDG) which is published with the authorization of AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) and constitutes the third edition translated into Spanish of the MEPDG by ICG.

The book “Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide, Practical Manual” known as MEPDG (3rd Edition with 2021 supplement) is constituted in the most advanced AASHTO Manual of Pavement Design, and it is our objective to contribute to its greater dissemination and application of the MEPDG in pavement designs.



    1. Introduction
    2. Reference Documents and Standards
    3. Importance and Use of the MEPDG
    4. Terminology and Definition of Terms
    5. Prediction Methodologies of Performance Indicators
    6. General Project Information
    7. Selection of Design Criteria and Reliability Level
    8. Determination of Local Conditions and Factors
    9. Pavement Evaluation for Rehabilitation Design
    10. Determination of the Properties of New Pavement Materials
    11. Pavement Design Strategies
    12. Rehabilitation Design Strategies
    13. Interpretation and Analysis of the Test Design
    Abbreviations and Terms
This version in Spanish maintains the same page structure as the original in English, so that the reader can study and compare content.

The presentation of the MEPDG Book of the book will be at the Lima Sheraton Hotel, at the “5th International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure” on the occasion of it, we will have a Technical Session dedicated to the MEPDG with exhibitions, where members of the ME International Pavement Committee and other professionals.

We cordially invite all professionals, companies and institutions linked to transport infrastructure and pavements to register and participate in person in this technical session and in the entire 5th International Conference on Transport Infrastructure (from August 10 to 13, 2022).

This project has the valuable participation of a distinguished group of experts that make up the International Pavements Committee ME, to whom we are very grateful for participating in the revision of chapters of the translation and for the suggestions sent, the preliminary report of the Committee We post it below.

International Pavement Committee ME

(Preliminary List 2022)


Angel Gómez Ramos, Eng.

Instituto de la Construcción y Gerencia ICG

Walter Aguirre Gutierrez

Consultor en Pavimentos y Vialidad

Marco Montalvo Farfán, Msc. Eng.


Wilfredo Gutiérrez Lazares, M.SC. Eng.

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería – UNI

José Luis Castillo

Member ICG

Ricardo Madrid, Eng.

Universidad de Lima

Julián Rivera

Universidad Tecnología Nacional, LEMaC.

Marcelo Bustos

Universidad Nacional de San Juan

Oscar Giovanon

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Silvia Angelone

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Marta Pagola

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Marcelo Alfaro

Instituto Boliviano del Cemento y el Hormigón

Rosendo Soruco

Instituto Boliviano del Cemento y el Hormigón

Rodrigo Delgadillo

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Mauricio Salgado, Mg. Ing.

Instituto del Cemento y Hormigón

Gilberto Martinez Arguelles, Ph.D.

Universidad del Norte

Freddy Reyes Lizcano, Ph.D.

Universidad Javeriana

Julián Vidal Valencia

Universidad EATIF
Costa Rica

Luis G. Loria Salazar

Universidad Isaac Newton de Costa Rica

Alberto Esteban Ciria

Energías Renovables en Ruralia

Carlos M. Chang, Ph.D. P.E.

Florida Internationational University, FIU

Delmar Salomon, Dr.

Pavement Preservation Systems

Rafael Menendez Acurio, Ph.D., P.E.

Foresight Planning & Engineering, Texas

Hugo José González del Valle, Ing.


Javier Alejandro Gómez Sanchez

G2 Ingeniería

José Luis Rocher

Rocher Ingeniería

Jose Franciso Ramos

Secretaría de Gobierno de México

Marco Avelino Inzunza

CEMEX Ingeniería y Proyectos de Infraestructura

Carlos Salazar

Secretaría de Gobierno de México

Luis Alberto Rocher Neri

Rocher Ingeniería

Luz Guadalupe Vazquez Palmeros

CEMEX Infraestructura Vial y Pavimentos