International Scientific Committee


Delmar Salomon, Dr.
Pavement Preservation Systems PPS


President of Pavement Preservation Systems PPS and dedicated to the transfer of asphalt technology and processes that help improve asphalt materials that contribute to durable pavements. PPS has participated in asphalt technology workshops in China, the US and Latin America.
Participates in the development of new standards for the asphalt industry, participating in ASTM International and in the AASHTO materials subcommittee. Three standards approved and published in ASTM and Provisional Standard (TP 121) recently approved by AASHTO on the use of Portable Infrared Spectroscopy to monitor the aging of flexible pavements.
Chairman of ASTM International Subcommittees D0433 and D0422; Co-Director of the Steering Committee of “Rocky Mountain Asphalt User Producer Group”; Member of the Board of Directors and Scholarship Coordinator for “Association of Modified Asphalt Producer”, Corporate Sponsor of “FP2 Inc.” promoting Pavement Conservation Management; Innovation with the Idaho Transportation Department to demonstrate the use of Portable Infrared Spectroscopy for monitoring recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) during asphalt mix production.